High Definition Video Gallery

Videos we have made.

Click the arrow symbol in the centre of any video you want to play.
These are all High Definition videos and can be watched in full screen mode without serious loss of quality.

SMILE A short video summarising what we do.

PUPPY FROM HELL The story of an aggressive young pet dog who found his true vocation.

FUN WITH SHEP AND TIGER A film showing two old friends playing in the snow, one deaf and the other his 'ears'.

TWO STROKE TESS A case history of another troubled, hyperactive dog.

SNOW BREAK Dogs enjoying the snow.

MACY AND TESS A case history of two dogs, one deaf, who came in and were re-homed as a pair.

MASHAM SHEEP FAIR An annual event in Yorkshire that keeps up old traditions and values.

RALF's FABULOUS BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND Can't keep a good puppet down!

SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS Unusual birds nesting at the York BCR centre with some close up film of nest and chicks.

MARK WYLIE AND THE DRAKES OF HAZARD Humorous duck herding display at The Royal Highland Centre.

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